If you know how, credit cards can be the perfect B plan

In our current society, it is very common to use credit cards for usual expenses. However, it is essential that we make good use of these plastics, as we can end up unnecessarily overindending if we use them without any supervision. We have to be aware that although we have an immediate credit available to us constantly, we should not use it for everything. In fact, if we keep a monthly control of all the expenses that we do with the cards, they can become an ideal tool to make some purchases and finance others .

Credit cards full of advantages

When choosing a credit card, the most usual is that we ask our bank always. However, the characteristics and the conditions that they offer may not convince us, but now we can find cards without having to change banks . In this way, we will continue to be clients of our bank and we will have a card from another entity that meets the requirements to be the one that best suits our profile and needs.

Below, we show some of the credit cards without changing banks with the best advantages:

Product Cost Advantage I’m interested
Bankintercard Gold Card 26.82% APR
  • Return of 5% on all purchases postponed during the first year
  • Free insurance including assistance in travel and accidents
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WiZink Gold Credit Card 27.24% APR
  • Discounts of up to 50% in different establishments
  • Free purchase and accident insurance
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Both cards are free year after year , that is, the issuing entity will not charge opening or maintenance fees. So we can enjoy the money on credit without having to pay anything for it, as long as we reimburse it by paying in full, that is, at the beginning of the following month.

How to control the expenses of our card?

We have already commented that to avoid over-indebtedness and use the cards without having to pay more, we must be responsible and keep track of the monthly expenses and purchases we make. Below, we present 3 tips that will help us make good use of our plastics:

The first thing we need to know are the costs that the entity will apply to us by using the deferred payment method, that is, by returning the money in monthly installments.

Know how to read the statements of the account, to check them periodically and make sure that everything is correct. For example, to know if the quota of the last month is canceled, so as not to have a bad understanding.

Save all the vouchers and compare them with the account movements, to make sure that all charges are correct.

For these reasons, among others, it is essential that we use the credit card only in unforeseen situations and to make specific purchases , not as a usual means of financing. In the case that we use it constantly, it is important that we take into account the previous recommendations.

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