CocheGo is a lender that is dedicated to offering quick loans in exchange for the guarantee of your car . In this way you can get up to 15,000 euros if your vehicle is not more than 10 years old and without having to stop using it, you can continue to drive it normally.


Benefits No Payroll: Yes With Asnef: Do not Cash: Yes Limits Minimum term: 30 days Deadline: 6 months Minimum loan: € 500 Maximum loan: € 15,000

Additional information of CocheGo

Image result for cochegocar loans Since the financial crisis broke out in 2008 and the banks stopped lending money so happily, the demand for new ways to raise money has led to a gradual increase in the supply. Fast loans have become a solution increasingly used by those who need to obtain some liquidity for specific situations or even to make a trip or buy a whim.

The brands and companies that offer easy and fast financing have been filling the market and, currently, there is a great variety to choose from. So much so that lenders have been forced to improve their offer, increasing the amount to be lent and the time to return, and launch new promotions, such as free credits for new applications.

Now comes the time for companies offering loans guaranteed by a vehicle’s guarantee . This is the traditional car pawn, which is now offered as quick loans, but with the difference of being able to continue using the car without any problem. This is the case of CocheGo, an entity that offers up to 15,000 euros with a repayment term of 12 months that can be extended and without asking for explanations of what is going to be done with the money.

You can keep driving your car

That’s right, to get the money with CocheGo you will not have to stop enjoying your vehicle . Just as in guaranteeing a home a mortgage loan you can continue to use the property, in this case the car is not unused, since you can continue to drive it normally.

Your car serves as collateral for the loan you request. Only in case there is a problem and you can not return the money, as a last resort after negotiating with you, the company will have the power to demand the vehicle as payment of the debt incurred. Therefore, make sure that you will be able to cope with the return of the credit before requesting it, because you can lose your car if you do not return it.

How to apply for a quick loan to CocheGo

The application process is very simple and fast, in 24 hours you can have the money in your account. For this, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Fill out the request form of the CocheGo website with your personal data and your vehicle data. Remember that the car should not have more than 10 years to be able to serve as a guarantee.
  2. In 30 minutes your request will be evaluated and the company will make you an offer, indicating the amount of money they can offer you for pawning your car.
  3. If the offer convinces you, the next step will be to meet with a manager of the entity to take a final look at the car and proceed to sign the contract.
  4. If everything is correct, at the moment of signing you can receive the money .

For the fast repayment of the loan, you will have a maximum of 12 months, and you will return it little by little with a monthly fee, paying only interest and the rest of the principal at the end, or paying interest and principal each month. This period will be extendable once finalized if you wish.

To be able to contract the credit it will be necessary to provide the DNI, the vehicle’s technical file and the registration certificate. All this documentation will be delivered at the meeting with the CocheGo specialist and, if any other document is needed, you will be informed beforehand. If everything is correct you will enjoy your money immediately.

The loan money can be used for any purpose you wish, without having to give explanations of any kind. In addition, the process is completely confidential and your data will be treated with maximum security and professionalism.

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